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  • December 22, 2017 3 min read

    If you’re headed to Brazil, you must make a visit to the beach. It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind, and have some (okay, a lot of) fun. Depending on where you hail from, you’re likely used to a few guidelines for what to do, what to wear, laws, and the like. But Brazil has its own set of etiquette guidelines, so read on to learn how to fit in and not look like a tourist!

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    Here’s what you need to know to avoid looking like a tourist when you’re visiting Brazil.

    Scope Out the Culture for the Postos

    The beaches in the most beloved areas in Brazil have lifeguard stands called postos. Each of these postos has its own culture, so you’re going to want to make sure you’re visiting an area where you’re most likely going to enjoy your time. Learn more about each posto in this article to help your decision.

    Havaianas (aka Flip-Flops) are a Must!

    Leave your sneakers, boots, and sandals at your hotel room—nobody wears them to the beach. Ever. Instead, get yourself a pair of havaianas, or what Americans like to call flip-flops. For one, they’re so much more functional, easy to clean, and less likely to harbor sand. And two, you want to avoid getting a foot infection or injury when you’re walking around.

    Leave the Towel at Home

    Towels are not a thing in Brazil. If you’re tempted to grab a few towels from the hotel, don’t do it. Instead, cangas are the mainstay. They’re practical because they protect your skin and accessories from the sun, which you want. But they are also worn as a sarong when walking about. Wear it tied at the waist if you’re a man, and if you’re a woman, have fun creating new looks with it! And while you’re at it, leave your phone, electronics, wallet, and other valuables behind.

    Don’t Bring Food and Drinks

    Leave the sandwiches, chips, and sodas behind. Nobody brings their own food to the beaches in Brazil. Lots of vendors who sell snacks, meals, and drinks are scattered throughout the postos, so be sure to bring some cash with you and you’ll be set. Another reason you’re going to want to travel light is that, unfortunately, anything you leave out could be stolen. You can enlist the help of nearby beach-goers to watch your belongings, but you never know.

    Wear Sunblock

    This should go without saying, but we’ll do it anyway: wear sunblock. We’ve written a guide to protecting your skin against the harmful rays of the sun that you’ll definitely want to give a read. The last thing you want to do is ruin your vacation by getting a nasty, painful sunburn.

    Wear a Sunga

    We’ll be upfront about this: not 100% of beach-goers wear the classic sunga at the beach. But they should. For one, it looks incredible. And two, it’s hygienic. Walking around wearing wet shorts is…not clean, to say the least. The sunga protects against mildew and other issues, so wear that instead. Ladies, wear a bikini (but don’t go topless—there’s only one beach for that in Brazil!). If you’re not used to showing skin, trust us when we say you’ll blend in far more showing skin than covering up. Men and women of all shapes and sizes rock their Rio cut bikinis in Brazil!


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