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August 21, 2017 2 min read

Hitting the beach? You don't want to go unprepared. After you've packed the requisite snacks, water, sunblock, and radio, now it's time to have some fun. Going to the beach is all about fun and the people you'll be spending time with. But more than that, you want to look your best and exude confidence no matter what you're wearing. And this goes even beyond the men's fashion beachwear you're going to wear.

CA-RIO-CA is the leader in Rio beach products, men's beachwear, and other beach accessories. We carry everything you need, from classiccut swimwear tomen's bikinis toboardies, as well as the accessories you need to complete your look. You have no choice but to look and feel your best when you wear products from CA-RIO-CA. Shop for men's fashion beachwear and more with us today!

Want to know what you should wear to accessorize your beach look? Read on for our fashion guidelines.


Thecangais not only a killer-looking beach towel, it's also convertible to a sarong. You'll love our bold colors and prints, which show your love for Rio in the best way possible. TheI Love Rio Canga is an eye-catching black and white print with a geometric heart to accent. Or, opt for aBrasil Flag Canga, which is decorated with the Brazilian flag's signature bright emerald, yellow, and cobalt hues. No matter how you want to get your sarong accessories, shop our large selection ofcangastoday!

Brazilian Scapular Necklace

Your hunt for Rio beach products isn't complete until you've added an accent to your look. Complete your style with a Brazilian scapular necklace! They come in gold, silver, and leather, sporting variations of the famedLady of Mount Carmel,Saint Sebastian,gold crosses, and more. These men's necklaces are incredibly attractive, and make the transition from beachwear to going-out wear seamlessly.

Men's Designer Trucker Caps

Protect the skin on your face and your eyes from the rays of the sun with amen's designer trucker cap. Or cover up a hairdo that's well past its presentable point. Our ball caps come emblazoned with our logo in many varieties, as well astropical prints that complement our suits, and other trends in men's fashion. Match your cap to your suit with the incredible amount of color choices, or create an accent piece. No matter what look you're going for, we've got a men's designer trucker cap for you!

Fun in the Sun

Protect your precious lips with ourCoconut Balm, a rich, coconutty lip balm that has an SPF of 15. And speaking of SPF, don’t forget to use a good sun tan lotion! Get a game of water ball going with a beach ball. Check out our signatureCARIOCA Beach Ball, which is a perfect 24” and comes in black and red.

No day at the beach is complete without these accessories. And at CA-RIO-CA, we carry so many prints and varieties there's no way you won't find something to suit your style.

To find the best in men's fashion beachwear, shop online today!

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