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November 29, 2017 2 min read

The holidays are upon us, and now comes the time for gift giving, which requires a bit of holiday spirit to kick things off. You could put on some Christmas tunes and do some decorating, but we have something a little more fun in mind. Get your holiday spirit in check with our Christmas-colored sungas!

At CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co, we create modern and classic beachwear for the discerning man. Whether you want men’s tropical swimwear, Bermuda short, or any other type of male bathing suits, we’ve got you covered. Shop for sungas online now!

Here’s what you need to round out your collection of men’s designer swimsuits for the holidays.

Go Red or Go Home

Red is sexy and eye-catching, and if you want to turn heads, you can’t go wrong with Vermelho/Red. It’s a stunning shade of crimson, and its simplicity is just part of what makes it so great.

Love Candy Canes?

If classic beachwear is what you’re looking for, the Hamptons Striped men’s swimming suit is always an excellent choice. It’s athleisure at its finest, with a bit of a retro twist. Get it in red with white stripes, or white with red stripes.

A Daring Choice

Black adds sophistication to just about every article of clothing, and the same is especially true with your men’s designer swimsuits. Check out Brisa Red, which is a red, white, and black number that looks amazing on everybody.

Green: A Solid Choice

We can’t emphasize enough the power of a solid sunga. Making a decision between Verde/Green and the darker Floresta/Forest Green will prove difficult (so why not go with both?).

If the Naughty List is Where You Want to be…

Some of us relish being on the naughty list, and that’s okay. If that’s where you feel most at home, check out the Canhamo Green Cannabis Print, which is perfect for those who partake here and there.

Celebrate Hanukkah?

For those who celebrate Hanukkah, we bring you sungas in a variety of stunning shades of blue. True Blue or Tambarindo Blue are excellent solids. Or, for something with a little bit of a design to it, you’ll definitely want to try the Olympia Blue Ombre and Striped suit.

Get all these men’s designer swimsuits and more online when you shop at CA-RIO-CA. All our male bathing suits are designed and handcrafted in Rio, and are optimized for comfort and a look that’s incredible. Shop for sungas online with us today!

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