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November 21, 2017 2 min read

As if we didn’t have enough to be thankful for, CA-RIO-CA has given you one more thing: 40% off. Now is the time to stock up! To get you started, we wanted to share some of our favorite looks to get the ball rolling on our massive men’s designer swimwear sale.

CA-RIO-CA Sunga Co. offers the hottest, sexiest sungas online. Each is designed and handcrafted right here in Rio, and sold worldwide. From classic beachwear to men’s tropical swimwear, CA-RIO-CA is the only place to go. Shop online now!

Here are just a few of our sale items.

Ilhas Fuji Gray

This gray-and-black monochromatic print is a sleek and sophisticated look featuring a pattern of fern leaves all over. If you’re looking for a more subdued look when it comes to men’s tropical swimwear, this is the one for you.

CAM-OU-FLAGE Gray and White Camo

If you like the look of camo, you’ll love our CAM-OU-FLAGE sunga, which comes in gray or orange. This classic beachwear makes a bold statement no matter which version you go with.


Few things quite touch the power and grace of the eagle, but the Aguia nails it. The oversized feather design is accented with glints of gold, blue, and green, and is everything you could want in men’s designer swimsuits.


Nobody will be able to miss you when you’re wearing Geo, a multicolored geometric print. This classic beachwear is given a modern and bright twist, with hues of blue, purple, orange, gold, red, and green. This is a must-have in any men’s designer swimsuit collection!


Protect your eyes and your face (and look incredible while doing it!) with the classic CARIOCA Trucker. This two-tone designer trucker cap has a classic VW van with a surfboard printed on it, and no matter what color is your favorite, we’ve got a hat to match.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Men’s Necklace

Finish off your look with the Our Lady of Mount Carmel scapular, which comes in either plated silver or gold. When you need a men’s necklace for yourself or somebody special, this is it (and it makes the perfect stocking stuffer!).

CA-RIO-CA has everything you need to get the party started at the beach or poolside. Shop our complete collection of men’s sungas online, as well as all the accessories, jewelry, and cangas your heart desires. Shop our Black Friday sale for the deepest discounts today!

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